Welcome to my blog, which is for anyone interested in communicating more effectively in writing. In this space, we’ll discuss drafting, revising, and knowing when a document is ready to be sent out into the world. We’ll discuss how to tailor writing to a specific audience such as the employer to whom you send your résumé. Occasionally we’ll veer away from writing and revising to examine a related topic such as job interviewing.

Some posts will focus on business and professional writing. Other posts will focus on widely applicable writing and revising strategies. These are some of the topics I’m planning to cover in upcoming posts:

  • Knowing how many pages your résumé should be
  • Revising your résumé on a tight deadline
  • Writing effective cover letters
  • Composing professional emails
  • Knowing which grammar rules always matter and which rules you can (and should)sometimes ignore
  • Responding to questions at a job interview
  • And much more

To write the blog, I’ll draw on my experiences as a writer, editor, educator, and interviewer. You can read a little bit about me here or view my résumé here. This blog is published on my professional web site, ashleysalter.com, where I peddle my services as a freelancer. If you’re interested in hiring me, you can see a partial list of services I provide or contact me about a specific project. Meanwhile, if you want to write and revise your own documents, the blog is here to help.

I’ll be sharing my knowledge and my experiences; you may have different experiences and different insights. Feel free to respond with comments and suggestions. Feel free to disagree with me (or with each other). We’re all here to learn, and gracefully articulated differences of opinion facilitate learning. But please keep your contributions relevant and courteous. I look forward to exchanging ideas, but I will remove any comments that are offensive, disrespectful, or irrelevant.

If you have any comments or concerns that are not directly responding to a particular post, you can e-mail me at ashley@ashleysalter.com

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