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Résumé Tips for Recent College Graduates

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A lot of résumé advice is targeted to people with years of experience in their professions. But, if you’ve recently been enrolled in college, chances are you have résumé questions that are specific to your first post-college job search.
You may be wondering whether to include your GPA, if you’re supposed to list your high school diploma, and what to say about the part-time jobs you’ve had over the last few years.

So let’s explore some résumé-writing rules that apply specifically to recent grads. First we’ll look at what to delete from your résumé. Then we’ll cover what to add, elaborate, or emphasize.

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Résumé CPR: Consistency, Precision, Readability

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Sometimes I work with job-seekers who are preparing weeks or months in advance for an upcoming job search. A college senior anticipating graduation. A young professional who wants to leverage his recent work accomplishments to land a better job. A seasoned professional who doesn’t see herself staying with her current company much longer.

I’ve also worked with individuals who have been suddenly laid off and individuals who have heard about a great opportunity barely 24 hours before the job posting closes. In these situations, we scramble to update and revise résumés as best we can with limited time.

We add recent work history. We make sure contact information is up-to-date. But what else can you do under a tight deadline? What small but important revisions could help you land a new job?

There are three aspects of your résumé you should double-check every time you update it: consistency, precision, and readability. Think of it as résumé CPR. Continue reading